about us

A Collective Movement

We are an organization where community members come together to learn about one another, foster relationships, and mobilize for community change and social justice.

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Pillars of the Community is committed to embracing and celebrating the historic, rich, and diverse culture of Southeast San Diego and communities like it across the United States.

We strive to counter the criminalization of our neighborhoods through community organizing, leadership development, policy work, and strategic partnerships. Our vision is for healthy and thriving communities which reflect the rich and diverse culture of all its members that centers and supports those left behind by the "American dream."

What We Believe

We are dedicated to advocating for people targeted and negatively impacted by law enforcement, Pillars of the Community believes in:

  • 01
    Being grounded in the Islamic faith, which centers compassion, respect, and advocacy for the disenfranchised
  • 02
    The dignity and equality of every human being
  • 03
    The intrinsic value of living and working in the community we serve
  • 04
    Celebrating the diversity of the communities in which we live by being inclusive and accepting
  • 05
    Being trustworthy, sincere, and accountable in human and organizational interactions
  • 06
    Being nimble and steadfast in advancing our mission
  • 07
    Collaborating with others to share resources and create best practices to build stronger communities
  • 08
    Centering integrity in everything we do
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Our Staff

Laila Aziz

Director of Operations

Headshot of Mitchelle Woodson

Mitchelle Woodson

Legal Director

Askari Abdul-Muntaqim

Post Conviction

Michael Whyte

Police Accountability

Shaheed Price

Court Advocacy

Our Board

Danny Widener

Board Member

Headshot of Khalid Alexander

Khalid Alexander

Founder and President

Headshot of Rafael Davis

Rafael Davis

Vice President

Headshot of Ramla Sahid

Ramla Sahid


Headshot of Homayra Yusufi

Homayra Yusufi


Headshot of Anabel Arauz

Anabel Arauz

Board Member

Headshot of Rob Rubalcaba

Rob Rubalcaba

Board Member

Headshot of Adib Mahdi

Adib Mahdi

Board Member

Headshot of Aisha Wilson

Aisha Wilson

Board Member

Michale Temple

Board Member